Don’t work for money

Matt Legg
1 min readMar 14, 2021

I think about things like being wealthy and successful, having people know who I am, and doing fancy things. Why is this?

Is there some need or emptiness in me that craves attention and accolades?

Do I think it will be some kind of validation for who I am?

Having a connection with other people is good and important but craving or desiring attention and praise is different and unhealthy.

Is the reason I desire attention because Im not doing anything right now so I dream of getting attention and respect when I am achieving more?

I need to respect myself first before I get respect from others. Self respect comes from doing the things I know I should do and being consistent with good habits.

We need to do things because we want to do them not because we think we should or it will make the most money. We need to do what is natural and real to us and find a way to make it of value to other people.

If we do something for money it will never make us truly happy or fulfilled. We need to do something that has value and meaning to us.

What are the things you think about and care about the most?



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