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Leo always thought of himself as a fairly smart person, a good mix of book smarts and street smarts. He was curious about life and had lived enough of it that he had seen its darker side. However, it seems like now the darkness has grown and has infected all aspects of life.

Leo can’t even pick up a newspaper or turn on the news anymore, life has become so vapid and grotesque. The trees are burning, the water is rising and all we care about is getting our treats. We have become a species of nonthinking consumption machines., …

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I have a new outlook on life now that I am a writer.

Before I was going through my life, being tossed about by hopes and broken dreams. I would allow others to dictate my life and permitted them to control me by allowing their words to upset me.

Now that I am a writer I am looking around at everything in a different light, everything is a potential idea or moral, it’s my job to find the story.

It’s like I’m in a new place, with completely different surroundings, yet my location hasn’t changed. My view of the world…

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Derek rarely left his house, he rarely did anything except play video games. He has loved video games his whole life, they have been the one constant source of joy for Derek. For some reason today was different.

Derek was in his gaming chair with his favorite energy drink ice cold with its familiar scent wafting through the air. As he perused his vast collection of video games he couldn’t find any that piqued his interest. The thrill and excitement he got from video games weren’t there.

Derek felt lost.

All he had ever known and loved had become boring…

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“A tension has always existed between the capitalist imperative to maximize efficiency at any cost and the moral imperatives of culture.”
Michael Pollan

The interests of capitalism and culture are often at odds. Capitalism cares only about maximizing profits while culture cares about food, art, and ideas.

The harm and destruction caused by giant corporations and industrialization as a whole are never incurred by the ones causing the problems. Since their actions destroy the environment yet have no effect on their business’s balance sheet it doesn’t matter to them. …

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Creating Art

Is it possible to make a change in the world through art?
I have always had dreams of doing something big with my life, I never really knew what that was exactly, but I knew I wanted to do something.

As I have gotten older I have found things I like and dislike, as well as issues I care about, I want to do something to help. What can I do? There are so many issues in the world right now its impossible for me to solve everything, so what do I do? …

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I was eager to work at an early age, I got my first job at a fast-food restaurant because they were the only ones that would hire me at 15. I continued to work in restaurants for 18 years until my despair and disillusionment lead me to quit the industry.

One of the main reasons I don’t like restaurants and don’t want to do that anymore is the feeling of being stuck in one place doing the same things over and over. I could never see a meaning or purpose to the things I did in restaurants. It had no…

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I can’t remember where I first heard the phrase but it has stuck with me ever since.

Dying every day.

What does it mean? Is it good?

When I looked it up there were two main results I found. One was a quote by the Greek philosopher Seneca and the other was in the Bible from Jesus himself. Both of these men had different views on what the phrase meant and I have been fascinated by both of their answers ever since.

Let’s start with Seneca. When Seneca talked about dying daily he meant it in the most literal sense…

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I had a desire to make money at an early age, I got my first job when I was 15 working at chick-fil-a. From there I went on to work in restaurants and a bakery over the next 16 years, giving me 18 years of total experience in the service industry. There have been many times over the years where I wanted to quit and do something else with my life, but I never knew where to turn or what to do.

Earlier this year I finally quit the service industry to pursue writing full time, vowing to myself to…

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The morning frost had just lifted as the first signs of the sun began to creep over the horizon. It had been bitterly cold for the past week and last night there was a storm that left everything covered in a blanket of white. The rolling hills, the barns, and the trees all covered in varying amounts of snow. The clean white cover, and the cool, quiet mountain air, gave the entire valley a peaceful, pristine appearance.

The peace was soon broken by the kids who lived in the area. Although the animals were all in the barn and the…

Matt Legg

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